Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Successmore Being Private Limited (Singapore) welcomes all users to the website which is in charge by the company. This website provides information on our products and allows users to make purchases online subjected to the following terms and conditions.

All users acknowledge that accessing this website as well as opening various web pages address on this website considered that you have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions as stated on this website. Users should also accept the company's terms and conditions in every respect and acknowledge that this company's website is a medium to provide product information and make purchases to service users only. If you do not agree or refuse to be bound by the terms and condition, please discontinue use of this website.


1.Intellectual property

All information, text, content, images, video, sound, logo and any part of this website were designed by the company which is protected by law International treaty but not limited to copyrights, service mark trade name, trade secret database, patent, know how, customer database, customer’s personal information and the right of ownership in any form, which is the ownership of copyrights, rights and property of the company.
You agree and acknowledge that the company's website is only a medium for disseminating information and online purchases. In the event of any legal dispute, you agree to waive any legal action claims, whether it is civil or criminal against the company or director.

2. Use of the Service

For all the information including files or documents appearing on this website, the admin of the website has the right to view, download, upload content and print such content for company use and is for lawful purposes under these terms and conditions stated on this website only. Website users should not use this website for commercial purposes or any other benefit that is against the law and public morals or use this website as a channel to deceive or harm any person. The website users shall not copy or store or download any information, whether in document form or in electronic form, transmitted, transferred, published, published, printed, reproduced, created, developed, displayed, distributed, licensed, leased or transferred. Any content given to a third party, whether commercially or benefited in any other way without obtaining the prior written consent from the Company will not be allowed. Any of the following stated below would not be accepted:

  • Reproduce, reprint, duplicate, modify, download, upload, publish, or publicise our information are illegal without getting the written permission from the company in advance.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property as required by law, by any means
  • Upload, send e-mail, or perform any other action that interferes with the operation of computer systems by transmitting viruses or computer programs in any form that are designed to interrupt, destroy, limit the functionality of a computer system

If the company found out that you did something contrary to the terms and conditions set forth on this website, the Company has the right to suspend the service to you without prior notice and to take legal action against you as the Company deems appropriate immediately.

3. Limitation of Liability

You agree and accept that some of the information contained in this website are written and made by third parties, which are not related and under the control of the Company.

In the event of a delay, error, invalid, complete, interruption, system inaccessibility or information on this website due to a defect of a person or technical error, the company is not liable for the results of any defect that occurs. However, the company will try its best to ensure the fidelity accuracy and reliability of the information.
The company does not guarantee that the website is free from any programs or files that could damage the user's system, including viruses. Computer worms, Trojans, horses, spyware, or other harmful files and will not be liable for loss, damage, indemnity, expense or damages. In addition, the Company is not liable for damage resulting from the continued availability of telephone line communications.
The company is not liable for any user of the website or any person for any damage or harm that may arise from the use of the website. Causes beyond control or from negligence in collecting information maintain any translation, correction, writing, reporting or submission of information

4. Disclaimer of content on the website.

Some of the texts, drawings or other information on the website are collected from various sources. The Company does not warrant the reliability, accuracy and up-to-date of such information. You agree and accept that the Company has no control over all information on this website as its services are only a medium of providing information and making online purchases for users.

5. Confidentiality

Registered information or any other information of users of this website is subject to the Company's confidentiality policy.

6. Violation of the Terms of Use of the Website

In the event of any breach of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to terminate membership and receive remedies that are legally available. Including the right to block access to the Company's website on the Internet.
7. Dispute Resolution Policy
In order to resolve various disputes that may arise from the services provided on this website by the Company, if the user experiences problems or affected by any message, content or service, including the violation of rights or any intellectual property rights that appeared on the Company's website, the company has the following dispute resolution policies.
Affected users are required to file claims or write recommendation in detail to the employees of the company (100 Orchard Rd #02-17/18 Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall Singapore 238840 Tel: 63637288) with the details as follows:

  • Phone number and email to be reached
  • Details of complaints and evidence relating to illegal acts (if any)
  • Suggestions or advice or requests that the company should take

After the company acknowledged the said claim, the company will contact the person concerned and notify the managing director or the company's assignee. The problem will be resolved within 30 days from the date you notify the company. As specified by the company above, during the aforementioned operation you agree not to prosecute or waive your rights to prosecute whether it is civil or criminal issue against the company, as there is a required time for further investigation.

8. Indemnity

You agree and accept that you will cooperate with the company in various operations to resolve and settle problems arising from breach of contract, tort or other legal issues with the company fully. This also means that you agree to not confront, demand or sue the company directors, executives, or employees of the company or its affiliates. You will compensate the company for damages as required by law should you breach any terms and conditions on this website.

9. Amendment

The company reserves the right to amend, change, add or remove any terms and conditions with or without any notices to the users. The company has no liability for the amendment of the website, if users continue to use this website when there is any change, it is deemed that the users have accepted such changes.

Membership Obligations

1. Registering Process

  1. All members are to use their legal name as their identity card (I/C)
  2. Members are to certify that all information provided is accurate and complete.
  3. The company will review the applications and process the application after thorough checks.

2. Business Agreement

  1. Members agreed to pay member fees, training fees, sales promotion tools or any other fees as specified in this agreement. However, member shall not be responsible for any additional fee which is not stated in this agreement.
  2. Members must notify company in case of will to return products, starter kits & manuals, and product catalogues within 30 days from the receive date.
  3. Members have a validity of 1 year from enrolment month, if member wishes to maintain member status, member is to renew the membership annually.
  4. Company shall reserve rights to consider and approve applications.
  5. Members must strictly comply with company governance, including agreement and/or any rules or regulations of the company.

3. Return/Refund Policy

  1. Goods and products are not subjected to returns or refunds with exclusion of valid reasons such as damaged goods or termination of membership.
  2. If approved, once member returns products, sales promotion tools or business tools from company, company will refund with the same amount which member has paid within 15 days from the return date.

4. Inheritance

Upon the death of a member, the member’s account may be passed on to their spouse, children or designated family members subjected to approval.



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