Being More Trip To Japan

Posted on17/11/2022

These are the most essential things in tourism: the scenery, the shopping, and the food. Enjoying the beautiful scenery and having delicious food to satisfy our taste buds, which we can buy when we're done eating, are the most comfortable things on a trip, and Japan has just those things.

So, do you miss Japan? Have you been to Japan yet? We're taking you to Japan on this Being More Trip! From 1 September 2022 to 30 June 2023, you can visit Japan for free if you meet the following criteria!


1. Must maintain own PV at least 750 PV every month.

2. Sponsor new supervisor every month.

Collect Points:

1st Travel Point 340 : 1 Seat, 510 : 2 Seats

2nd Travel Point 476 : 1 Seat, 714 : 2 Seats

3rd Travel Point 612 : 1 Seat, 918 : 2 Seats

4th Travel Point 748 : 1 Seat, 1122 : 2 Seats

5th Travel Point  884 : 1 Seat, 1326 : 2 Seats

6th Travel Point 1020 : 1 Seat, 1520 : 2 Seats


1. Qualified New Platinum 30 Points.

2. Sponsor New Platinum Gen 1 20 Points.

3. Sponsor New Platinum Gen 2 10 Points.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Qualified members must comply with the company's Code of Ethics & Regulations and Code of Business Conduct in all aspects. 

2. The Company reserves the right to consider qualified members to participate and support the activities of The Company and there is continuous collaboration with their downlines. If any members have reached the travel score without managing the team as stated above The Company can suspend the right.

3. If the qualified member is unable to participate in the trip or the embassy's decision is not approved, the company reserves the right to refund.

4. The company reserves the right to consider the qualified members to be at the discretion of The Company.



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