Mores Collagen

Mores Collagen is a supplement that is mixed with nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. Marine fish extractions can help moisturize the skin yet make the skin firmer and younger.


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PV: 205
  • Improve collagen fiber and elastin under the skin
  • Helps to reduce facial wrinkles while firming skin and preventing danger from UV Ray
  • Helps to stimulate collagen generation in all parts of the body
  • The antioxidant helps to reduce aging wrinkles and slow down cell degeneration

Active Ingredients
Collagen from Marine Fish 10,000 milligrams
L-Glutamine 2,000 milligrams
L-arginine 1,000 milligrams
Acelora Cherry Extract 250 milligrams
L- Glutathione 250 milligrams
L- Cysteine 190 milligrams
Glycine 100 milligrams
Bilberry Extract 60 milligrams
Alpha-lipoic 40 milligrams
Coenzyme Q10 30 milligrams
Pine Bark Extract 20 milligrams
Ascorbic Acid 20 20 milligrams
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 15 milligrams

Direction: Pour and melt 1 pack of product in 100-150 millimeters room temperature or cool water and stir well and drink before breakfast.

Advisories/Precautions: Please read instructions and warnings carefully before consuming.

  • 提升皮下胶原纤维和弹性蛋白
  • 帮助减少面部皱纹,紧致肌肤并防止紫外线
  • 有助于促进身体各个部位的胶原蛋白生成
  • 抗氧化剂有助于减少老化皱纹和减缓细胞退化

海鱼胶原蛋白 10,000 毫克
L-谷氨酰胺 2,000 毫克
L-精氨酸 1,000 毫克
醋栗提取物 250 毫克
L-谷胱甘肽 250 毫克
L-半胱氨酸 190 毫克
甘氨酸 100 毫克
越橘提取物 60 毫克
α-脂类 40 毫克
辅酶Q10 30 毫克
松树皮提取物 20 毫克
抗坏血酸20 20 毫克
氨基酸螯合锌 15 毫克

使用方法:将1包倒入100-150毫米室温或冷水中, 搅拌均匀即可。建议早餐前饮用。

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